Fouad WA & FM WhatsApp (FMWA) Latest Version APK (Official) July 2024 [Anti-Ban]

Latest Version FM WhatsApp

The most recent 2024 version of the FM WhatsApp and Fouad Whatsapp apps are available for download, and this post will enlighten you about FMWA Apk while providing some insights. Reading this article in its entirety will help you fully comprehend FM WhatsApp’s features and guarantee that you get the most latest version of FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp is an application that was developed specifically to provide users another way to communicate with their friends and family. Despite being comparable to the original WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and Fouad WA differentiates apart because of its unique features that provide users more benefits.


Users may occasionally become tired with the default functionality of the original WhatsApp application. The wide feature set of FMWhatsApp and FMWA, on the other hand, has helped it become popular among many users by successfully meeting their needs. This application’s useful and practical qualities are what drive demand for it.

WhatsApp FM substantially improves communication efficiency by offering cutting-edge features that are not present in the original app. There are several benefits to using FM WhatsApp and Fouad WA because of the many capabilities it offers. This app has undergone significant improvements, especially with the addition of fantastic new features. Utilize all of the services that are offered to the fullest.

All of this app’s features are available to you after you download it. Exclusive to this app, FM WhatsApp also provides hidden message features. Why should I use this APK, you may be questioning. Please read the material below for further information.

About FM WhatsApp and Fouad WA APK

It’s critical to comprehend the specifics of the most recent FM WhatsApp Apk 2023 if you’re a WhatsApp user interested in experiencing this WhatsApp MOD. The FM WhatsApp APK, which has been altered by independent developers, is currently the most popular social media platform, surpassing even the official WhatsApp app.

FM WhatsApp VS Fouad WhatsApp

The FM WhatsApp and Fouad WA apps have several features, each of which has a unique set of benefits. Because of this, more and more people are choosing to download and use this software instead of the official WhatsApp app.

All the standard functions of the official WhatsApp app are available on FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp, including calling, chatting, sending voice messages, initiating video calls, updating statuses, and sharing videos. Beyond these fundamental features, FM WhatsApp offers additional options like reviewing deleted messages and personalizing the app’s layout and fonts.

FM WhatsApp Features

Because it has so many features, the FM WhatsApp and Fouad app is frequently chosen over the standard WhatsApp by users. There are several features offered by FM WhatsApp that may be used to meet different purposes. FM WhatsApp has intriguing characteristics while being a third-party application. If this app piques your interest, read the description below for additional details.

Custom Themes

Custom Themes – It’s significant to note that there are only two options available for the official WhatsApp: a bright theme and a dark theme. However, FM WhatsApp distinguishes itself by providing enticing, distinctive, and diversified themes for FREE. You have the freedom to try a variety of possibilities and pick the themes that best suits you.

Anti Deleted Message

Anti Deleted Message – Users of the FM WhatsApp app may read messages that have been erased by the sender thanks to the Anti deleted Message function. Due to this unique feature, a significant number of users have switched from traditional WhatsApp to FM WA.

Hide Online Status

Hide Online Status – Additionally, you have the choice to turn on a special function that enables you to hide your online status. Users of FM WhatsApp make considerable use of this feature, particularly to protect their privacy by keeping others from knowing whether they are currently online or when they last used FM WhatsApp.

Hide Blue Ticks

Hide Blue Ticks – The sender is prevented from knowing if the receiver has read the message by turning on the option to hide double blue ticks.

Hide Typing and Speaking

Hide Typing and Speaking – In contrast to the official WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp gives users the option to turn off the “typing or speaking” notice that appears when a message is sent. In essence, the receiver won’t be aware of your response as you’re writing it. The enhanced privacy makes the encounter more pleasant because your activities are kept under wraps. It’s advised to turn this function on in accordance with your choices if you want to use it.

Thousands Emoji

Thousands Emoji – The FM WA program gives you access to millions of exciting emojis that are entirely FREE of charge, whereas standard WhatsApp only offers a small and fairly boring collection of emojis.

Send Large File

Send Large File – The benefit of using FM WhatsApp is that you may transfer image/video files with longer durations and higher file sizes.


Anti-Ban – FM WhatsApp has cutting-edge features for your enjoyment, most notably the anti-ban function. This feature has undergone extensive testing with positive results. With this feature, you may utilize it without worrying that META would block your phone number.

Auto Reply Message

Auto Reply Message – The automated message reply tool is one of FM WhatsApp’s most well-liked outstanding features overall. Those who find it difficult to reply to communications right away may find this service to be of special use. The process is simple: just select the option for automated message reply from the top-left three-dot menu. You may then choose to have an automated response follow a customized template. As a result, when someone sends you a message, this function immediately activates, providing a rapid response in line with the pre-set wording.

Send Message Directly to Number

Send Message Directly to Number – Messages may no longer be sent to anybody other than saved contacts in the original WhatsApp due to the limitation being removed by FM WhatsApp. You may simply send your intended message to any chosen recipient number by using the “Send Message to Number” option, eliminating the requirement to first save a contact.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts – You may utilize two separate WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone: one on FMWhatsApp and the other on the official WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp

Themes Store
Hide Blue Tick
Hide Writing and Speaking
Auto Reply Message
Forward LimitUnlimited5 Chats
Anti Delete Message
Anti Delete Status
Anti View Once
Emoji Pack
Freeze Last Seen
Download Status
File Sending Limit100 MB1,000 MB (1 GB)

How To Download FM WhatsApp APK?

Fouad WA

Package: com.whatsapp

File Size71 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Download LinkDownload

FM WhatsApp

Package: com.fmwhatsapp

NameFM WhatsApp
File Size72 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Download LinkDownload

GB WhatsApp

Package: com.gbwhatsapp

NameGB WhatsApp
File Size71 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Download LinkDownload

YO WhatsApp

Package: com.yowhatsapp

NameYO WhatsApp
File Size70 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Download LinkDownload

WhatsApp Plus

Package: com.whatsapp

NameWhatsApp Plus
File Size71 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Download LinkDownload

How To Install FM WhatsApp APK?

How To Install FM WhatsApp Latest Version?

Here is the steps to install FM WhatsApp

  1. You can get FM WhatsApp APK 2023 by clicking the download button above or press FMWA.
FM WhatsApp APK
  1. After finished downloading it, please go to
    Settings > Security and Privacy > enable “Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown apps”
Security and Privacy
Install Unknown Apps
  1. Lastly, you’re all set to install your preferred WhatsApp Mod on your device. Return to the homepage and launch a File Manager app.
    File Manager > Downloaded APK > Install > Open
File Manager
Downloaded APK
  1. Voila! Your FM WhatsApp is ready to use now!

How To Update FM WhatsApp APK?

It’s simple to update your FM WhatsApp. Simply follow these steps

Open FMWhatsApp app > Three Dots Icon > FM Settings > Updates > Check For Updates

Open FMWhatsApp App
FM Settings
Check For Updates

Is FM WhatsApp APK safe?

Community Score

Regarding the dangers of utilizing the generally used FM WhatsApp app, there are a variety of benefits and drawbacks. The privacy of personal information and the problem with phone number bans are at the heart of many of these worries. In contrast, FM WhatsApp developers have been working on a new feature called Anti-Ban over the past few years. This feature is now available in FM WhatsApp’s most recent version and will protect user phone numbers from META bans.

All of the APKs on our websites are scanned using virus total before being uploaded, and we have discovered that “No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious” This information helps us determine whether FM WA is considered to be risky or not. Because of this, please be cautious to only download your WhatsApp MODs APK from reputable sources like

Is FMWhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Is FMWhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

It’s significant to note that, as of 2024, neither an official nor customized version of FM WhatsApp is accessible on iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). It is possible that iPhone users could soon have access to it, please stay tuned to this website for further updates.

Use caution and stop conducting further internet searches if you are an iOS user and come across a WhatsApp Mod that claims to be compatible with your iOS device. You could come across spam or unrelated problems. Keeping an eye out for alerts and updates is encouraged since we’ll let you know if a third-party version for iOS devices becomes available.